• Hello :)

    Designer | Toy Maker | Researcher | Crazy eyes | Chillipepper lover | Nerd

    I am a designer working towards finding my footing in this absolutely magical world of User Experience, User Research and Interaction Design.


    With an undergraduate background and 3 years of work experience in Visual Communication and Graphic Design, I recently completed my Masters in Interaction Design from Edinburgh Napier University. Most of my design work/projects have always had a very strong research background.

    I believe in emotional design and hope to work in a place where my conceptualisation, prototyping, design and research skills can be squeezed dry to generate mind-numbing design solutions.

    Having recently completed projects floating in the realm of Cymatics, Social Interaction, Sonic Art and Play Theory, I am currently looking for work opportunities in the field of User Experience Design & Research.


    The following sections will take you on a little journey through some of my most recent and loved projects :)

  • VIBE

    Sound Art | Interactive Installation | Play Theory

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    It is an interactive sound installation, where speakers visualize sound vibrations and outputs as organic, playful performances triggered. It works around the theme of visualizing sound through play and social interaction.

    People interacting with VIBE

    The aim of this installation was to initiate social interaction by making music from objects or “instruments” which would normally be heard as sounds (clashes, slams, bang, squeaks, scrapes, scratches, thuds…) and watching them come alive as intricate luminescent dancing visuals (here, directing the music to speakers encased in domes with fluorescent Styrofoam balls placed on top of the cones, which start dancing when exposed to sound vibrations). The installation was spread about in a square format with the speakers place in the middle and the 4 ‘instruments’ placed at each corner of the installation, from where people could interact with them.

    As an experience, it was most enjoyable when 2 or more persons interacted with it collectively. What one saw was almost like a conversation taking place between various objects through music generated by the instruments as luminescent and playful visuals. The users collectively orchestrated the sound to make the visuals dance and jump to the generated music. I wanted to try and bring out the purest form of engagement - sheer joy, exhilaration, childlike excitement by integrating sound and play into an immersive, luminescent and engaging performance.

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    "Music starts in the mind. A sense of music is as individual as the individual mind. Music is the name given to a certain kind of perception of events in the world of sound. To be aware of sounds is to be aware of oneself; to be aware of sounds as music is to experience something capable of being shared. An experience shared is one that can be verified. It becomes more real."
    - Maurice Merleau-Ponty 1964
  • The Tweeting Pillows

    Toy making | Product Design | Interactive surfaces | Social experiments

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    Meet the Huggles :)

    An experiment done using technology and tactile interaction. Most of us like to hug and cuddle our pillows while sleeping / relaxing.
    I created a set of twin pillows who reacted to one hugging them. Using makey-makey kits embedded inside the stuffed pillows, once could send a tweet to twitter reacting to anyone hugging the pillow. 

    The Concept

    The pillows were given online personas in the form of Twitter profiles, which were then used as a communication channel between humans and the pillows. This, in turn, made the interaction all the more interesting, human, fun and dynamic :)
  • Disrupt | Discover

    Hacking into Public spaces | Rethink | Reformat

    Design Intervention

    This was an experiment conducted as a part of my Design Research Module. The aim of this intervention was to create a subtle (maybe even slightly comical) interaction between the commuters on the Old Railway Bridge on Morningside Road & give them an opportunity to stop & stare at the gorgeous surroundings enveloping the bridge.
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    The Installation 

  • Tearin' it up... Hacker Style

    A few videos documenting my journey of understanding and experimenting with arduino, wave shields and coding :)

    Building a Wave Shield

    Constructing VIBE

    I is here :)

    Please do get in touch via the following:

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